Our charity partner

Since 2014, Funding Neuro has been the Bearsden & Milngavie Highland Games charity partner. Over the years, visitors to the games have very generously donated to help them find new ways to treat people with brain disorders.

About Funding Neuro

Our aim is to accelerate the development of new treatments for many of the most serious neurological conditions.

We do not focus on one single neurological condition because we believe that advances in one condition may benefit treatments for other conditions. In short, we seek to provide hope.

The way we work:
• We identify the issues that hinder progress and find solutions so that research and innovative therapies can be accelerated and get to those that need them most.
• We are always willing to work with other Charities to co-fund developments and trials.
• To do this we work to ensure that promising clinical research can find its way out of the lab and to the patient in the treatment room.
• We work with the NHS and other care providers, universities, government, industry, philanthropists and other charities.

What’s on the go at the moment

• We are working with many different groups to develop and fund a series of clinical trials across a range of conditions with the aim that they lead to new recognised treatment options.
• Currently in focus are brain tumour/cancer (DIPG, Glioblastoma) and Parkinson’s Disease where we are at advanced stages to bring cutting edge technology to Scotland in a series of DIPG/Glioblastoma and Parkinson’s Disease treatment trials.
• We are advocating for better treatment for Neurological conditions through our membership of the Neurological Alliance of Scotland.


More information about Funding Neuro can be found at their website, fundingneuro.com


You can donate directly to the Funding Neuro Highland games appeal here.