2016 World Haggis Hurling Championship


2015 World Haggis Hurling Championship

World Champion - Garry McClay

11-17 year olds:

1st Cameron Edgar
2nd Rachel Taylor
3rd Erin Oliver

World Champions:

1st Garry McClay
2nd Kyle Randalls
3rd Nellie

2015 Wrestling Results



5st 7lbs

1st Frazer McWhirter, Hamilton
2nd Colin Kilpatrick, Hamilton
3rd Calum Campbell, Carnoustie
4th David McDermott, Hamilton

6st 7lbs

1st Zara Whyte, Carnoustie
2nd Harvey Bain, Red Road
3rd Frazer McWhirter, Hamilton
4th Calum Campbell, Carnoustie

10st 7lbs

1st Jack Kane, Hamilton
2nd Ben Taylor, Hamilton
3rd Ciarian Kane, Carnoustie
4th DJ Singh, Hamilton


1st Ben Taylor, Hamilton
2nd LJ Singh, Hamilton



1st Katie Brearlie, Red Road
2nd Zara Whyte, Carnoustie
3rd Hayley Hirsch, Carnoustie
4th Quin Mackie, Red Road



10st 7lbs

1st George Reid, Dundee Wrestling Club
2nd Ryan Ferry, Hamilton
3rd Jack Craig, Hamilton
4th Ben Taylor, Hamilton

12st 7lbs Scottish Championship

1st Paul Craig, Hamilton
2nd George Reid, Dundee
3rd Ryan Ferry, Hamilton
4th Jack McClusky, Hamilton

14st 7lbs & Rob Roy Quaich

1st Ryan Dolan, Carnoustie
2nd Frazer Hirsch, Carnoustie
3rd Paul Craig, Hamilton
4th Ryan Ferry, Hamilton

Open & Bowater Quaich

1st Ryan Dolan, Carnoustie
2nd Frazer Hirsch, Carnoustie
3rd Max Freyne, Combat Ready, Edinburgh
4th Neil Mitchell, Red Road Wrestling Club


9st 7lbs Scottish Championship

1st Zara Whyte, Carnoustie Wrestling Club
2nd Hayley Hirsch, Carnoustie
3rd Jane Carroll, Glasgow
4th Mary Black, Glasgow

11st 7lbs

1st Becky Reid, Hamilton
2nd Zara Whyte, Carnoustie
3rd Jane Carroll, Glasgow


1st Erin McNeill, Red Road
2nd Becky Reid, Hamilton
3rd Kate Brierly, Carnoustie
4th Anne MacDonald, Aberdeen

2015 10k Road Race Results

Shaun Butler, Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers, time: 35:21
Alasdair Campbell, Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers, time: 35:39
Andrew McAlpine, time: 36:21
Alex Chalmers, time: 37:19
Chris Upson, Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers, time: 37:41
David Simpson, Bellahouston Harriers, time: 38:05
Christopher McHardy, Central AC, time: 38:27
Gerard McConville, Fusion Tri Club, time: 39:49
Robert Rogerson, Kirkintilloch Olympians, time: 41:06
Jordan Moore, time: 41:49
David Campbell, Garscube Harriers, time: 42:19
Melanie Eynon, time: 42:44
Donna Finlayson, Victoria Park COG, time: 42:56
Charlene McCallum, Shettleston Harriers, time: 43:11
Gordon Moore, 43:39
Pamela McCrossan, Clydesdale Harriers, time: 43:42
Brian Hughes, Glasgow South Road Runners, time: 43:51
Joanne Freel, time: 43:57
Alex Osborne, Kirkintilloch Olympians, time: 44:24
Joe Chambers Springburn Harriers, time 45:17
Euan Miller, time: 45:49
Tim Brown, Garscube Harriers, time: 47:21
David Esler, Garscube Harriers, time: 47:24
Lynne Danskin, time: 48:07
Fiona Maurer, Garscube Harriers, time: 48:57
Claire McHardy, Central AC, time: 49:00
Linda Kennedy, Bellahouston Road Runners, time: 49:40
Ada Stewart, Kirkintilloch Olympians, time: 49:43
James Forbes, time: 50:21
Stewart Merry, time 50:42
Elaine Doherty, time: 51:43
Alison Mitchell, time: 55:50
Louise Ramsey, time: 55:50
Stuart Danskin, time: 57:53
Al Douglas, time: 57:55
Peter Brady, time: 58:49
Joanna Corrigan, time: 58:59
Simon Dolan, time: 59:23
Eileen Hamill, Westerlands Cross Country Club, time: 59:33
Victoria Scott, time: 59:44
Tony Aldred, time: 59:45
Anne McKechnie, Jog Scotland, time: 01:00:09
Elaine Lockhart, time: 01:00:14
Carolynn Morrison, time: 01:00:19
Gemma Gardiner, time: 01:01:05
Kate McKay, time: 01:05:30
Elizabeth Crawford, time: 01:11:31
Jackie Pickett, time: 01:13:36
Laxmi Dolan, time: 01:13:59


Tug O War Results

Over 18’s:
Team – Lynsey’s Yogabellies (Prize: bottle of vodka per person)

Team – The Ross Henry’s (Prize: box of sweets per person)

Under 10’s:
Each child received a sweet

World Haggis Hurling Championships Results

1st – Lorne Coltart (Prize: £70)
2nd – Ross Cluny (Prize: £50)
3rd – Kyle Randles (Prize: £30)

11 – 17’s
1st – Ross Hendry (Sweets)
2nd – Liam Dudziak (£10 voucher)
3rd – Michael Crabbe (£15 voucher)

Under 10’s
Each child received a sweet