It is now one week since Funding Neuro launched it’s crowd funding appeal to raise £900,000 for a clinical trial for Professor Gill to treat 18 children with DIPG brain tumours. No child has ever survived this type of tumour and has about 9 months to live from diagnosis. Please will you send this link to every single person you know to help by either donating themselves or sharing with all of their contacts, or preferably both!

Please go to the crowd funding page and you will see the video that tells you what we are doing and you can donate this way too.

They have had great coverage with the media, if you click on the links below you will see the little boy who is currently receiving treatment, he is lovely and will melt your heart (the Points West may not be available any more so apologies if not). Their fabulous chief executive Sharon is in them both, but she says don’t let that put you off!

Sky News coverage

BBC  Points West coverage

Please, please, please help, they wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t so important. Sharon has met three of children and their families that have had this or are receiving this treatment on compassionate grounds.

Daisy, a beautiful brave little girl very sadly passed away in November. Gughi (5) and Esten (12) two gorgeous, brave boys, are doing remarkably well and their tumours are reducing all the time!

There is now real hope, let’s hope this will be the answer for Gughi, Esten and any children to be diagnosed with this devastating disease in the future.

They will not be able to thank you enough if you can help.

Please share on Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn…shout it from the rooftops!